Italian Art
Cioccolato Gourmet stems from Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna’s long-standing experience, founders of T’a Milano and heirs of the famous family that contributed to writing the history of Italy’s confectionery tradition.
Cioccolato Gourmet is a trendy and innovative brand that offers unique chocolates stemming from the meticulous research of our maître chocolatiers, who put together extraordinary ingredients to create new and surprising contrasts of flavour.
Cioccolato Gourmet can be enjoyed at any time of day for an unparalleled sweet sensory experience. With Cioccolato Gourmet, you don’t just eat chocolate but savour every bite.
Cioccolato Gourmet is the quintessence of quality and innovation, a homemade chocolate to be enjoyed alone or in company, as a treat or as a gift - Cioccolato Gourmet is an all-Italian art form.
Cioccolato Gourmet, your everyday gourmet chocolate treat.