Pralines with filling

The pralines are handmade in Italy, made using only the very best ingredients; the dark or milk chocolate encloses a soft, tasty filling, all to savour to fully appreciate the touches of flavour.
Coconut, mango, mandarin and Piedmontese hazelnut are combined with milk chocolate, dark chocolate envelops passion fruit, Sicilian pistachio, coffee, raspberry, woodland berries and orange – 10 gourmet combinations, each to taste. And the decorations of Cioccolato Gourmet pralines are only cocoa based, without toxic colorants (100% E-number free).
Available in attractively-coloured gift packs of 25 items, Cioccolato Gourmet pralines are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or ideal as a gift.
Cioccolato Gourmet Pralines, little masterpieces of pure taste.

Dark chocolate with creamy filling:

  • pistachio
  • wild berry
  • orange

Milk chocolate with creamy filling:

  • coconut
  • hazelnut

Completely natural decorations only based on cocoa, without toxic colorants (100% E-number free).

Net Weight: 175 g
Pralines with filling